Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Routes Toward Happiness

Hmm…finally the moment had come. I am officially a married guy..hahaha…unbelievable yet it is the fact. At the age of 25 years, 11 months, and 19 days…. I am officially the husband of Sabrina Binti Mohd Kabarshah. Finally I am married to a girl that I knew one day, insya-Allah will be my soul mate since I was 16 years old. Alhamdullillah Allah s.w.t granted my doa’.
However, the routes toward happiness were not easy. The distance, the lack of matureness, jealousy and the need to juggle time between our studies and love affair were some of the obstacles we faced though out the years. It was pretty tough as we are young and bound to make “emotionally driven” decisions. And there were times that “separation” seems to be the best solution. Alas…we stay strong as we know that the hurdles will only make us wiser and more resilient. They help us to understand and appreciate each other better. As we hold hand together to overcome difficulty life got to offer, through the hardship we discovered the genuineness of love we have for each other.
Now the storms had passes, giving way to the blue crystal clear sky and the sun emits its warm ray endlessly throughout our life. Happiness is finally ours to claim and together we defeated the many obstacles came previously. Yet I understand the victory shall not last long without continuous efforts made by us. There will be new challenges await us as life is meaningless without being tested. This is what made us human..and this is why I love her. I hope we will stay strong together as I believe-insya-Allah, together we shall prevail in preserving our love till deaths do us apart.
p/s: without her, I am a lesser man..

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