Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Unbelievable Multicultural Family Background.

First thing first…..Yes I admit… my physical look may not perfectly describe my various inherited bloodline that flows in my veins. I look just like any typical Malay man,.. however I believe I’m a little bit darker than the rest of them…hahaha. However my family heredity came from various countries and races. It is pretty bizarre, but that’s what makes me proud being a family member of a fine collection of difference set of cultures and religion assimilated to one happy family.
Let starts from my father side. My father’s bloodlines were originated from Dutch (Great grandfather and great grandmother of my grandfather) and Ceylon (my grandmother). Later my grandfather migrated to Tanah Melayu and became a head master for a school in Mersing, Johor for more than 40 years. My grandmother (originated from Ceylon) gave birth to 10 sons and daughters and passed away at the age of 45. My grandfather who is now fully retired is still living a peaceful life in Mersing and is at the age of 101 years old.
From my mother side, both of my great grandfather and great grandmother came from Java. They moved to Tanah Melayu and my grandfather and grandmother was the first generation who became Malaysian citizen. Altogether they have 10 sons and daughters with my mum being the eldest.
And of course, my father met my mum and got married on 23 November 1974. They were blessed with 3 children with I’m being the last. What it feels like living in such diverse family environment you ask me???...PRICELESS. When I was a kid I have the opportunity to celebrate not only Hari Raya on my mum’s side but also Christmas on my father’s side. I learn difference way to adapt and tolerate on both cultures. Having uncles, aunties and cousins outside of Malaysia that I can only meet once a year is kind of special. Being able to meet them in such rare occasions made the meeting more sentimental and precious.
And guess what, now that I am married; my future children will have a much diverse bloodline. Why???..hahaha, because I’m married to girl who has Malay, Indian and Iban bloddline!!!!...They will definitely be a true 1 Malaysia children….

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