Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011...


Yes,… without a doubt, insya-Allah another few more days and we off to 2011 with new aspirations we hope to achieve. However 2010 seems to be a very special year for me. There are lots of memories that will definitely be encrypted forever in my heart…let them be sweet or bitter experience. There’s always lesson to be learned from each of them.

For 2011, In general I hope my path will be blessed by Allah s.w.t and able to become a better khalifah than the previous year. In term of my study, Alhamdulillah my MA is considered done (shoot!!!...took me more than 3 years to finish…hahaha) and definitely I’m not going for my PhD any time soon…hahaha as I need to give my mind some rest for it to recharge.

For my career, I believe I am on the right track…slowly but insya-Allah surely I’m going to improve myself for betterment.  In term of my family..oohhh yesss!!!... you better believe that statement my friend, I’m a married man with a family of my own..hahaha. I hope the happiness will last insya-Allah and we will work hard to preserve it and hopefully will “recruit” Baby John soon (If you what I mean..hahaha). To all, have a FRUITFUL NEW YEAR!!!...



  1. "...hopefully will “recruit” Baby John soon"

    wakakakaka... x dapat aku bayangkan anak ko nanti

  2. anak aku hensem macam aku la...ko jeles ke aku hensem???? hahaha