Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011...


Yes,… without a doubt, insya-Allah another few more days and we off to 2011 with new aspirations we hope to achieve. However 2010 seems to be a very special year for me. There are lots of memories that will definitely be encrypted forever in my heart…let them be sweet or bitter experience. There’s always lesson to be learned from each of them.

For 2011, In general I hope my path will be blessed by Allah s.w.t and able to become a better khalifah than the previous year. In term of my study, Alhamdulillah my MA is considered done (shoot!!!...took me more than 3 years to finish…hahaha) and definitely I’m not going for my PhD any time soon…hahaha as I need to give my mind some rest for it to recharge.

For my career, I believe I am on the right track…slowly but insya-Allah surely I’m going to improve myself for betterment.  In term of my family..oohhh yesss!!!... you better believe that statement my friend, I’m a married man with a family of my own..hahaha. I hope the happiness will last insya-Allah and we will work hard to preserve it and hopefully will “recruit” Baby John soon (If you what I mean..hahaha). To all, have a FRUITFUL NEW YEAR!!!...


Monday, December 27, 2010

The Angry Me…and the Magical Remedy…

Lately I sense that I’m becoming much more hot tempered than I was before… hmm, I guess the stress level that I have to face daily slowly devouring the good Azizul and changing me constantly into a HOT BLOODED-TEMPERED MONSTER!!!... And due to this unwanted development, involuntarily I’ve hurt the feelings of people that love me and that I love… this is something that’s really worrying me.

However, thanks to that special someone, I finally found the best remedy to cool down the raging erupting volcano!!!.. And to whom should I be thankful???.. hahaha  of course my DEAR WIFE, SABRINA…. Whenever she sees me turning into THE INCREDIBLE HULK… guess what she’ll do??? She will instantly give me a BIG…. WARM…..HUG!!!...AND SLOWLY I CHANGE FROM A MONSTROUS HULK…back to the old good me again… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…..what a relief….the warm of her hug, feeling her heartbeat beating calmly on my chest, her easy breath on my neck and the sweet smell of her hair… just incomparable;  real comforting...hahaha, I guess that’s enough to describe the amazing feeling….

So the moral of my story???...the simple sincere act of love can cool down even the hottest erupting volcano. So if you’re feeling angry, or the person who you care is having a bad day…..GIVE THEM A WARM HEARTFELT HUG!!!..SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GO AND HUG SOMEONE…LET IT BE…your husband/wife, mum/dad, siblings, buddy….but KINDLY remember,  only hug someone who is your MUHRIM!!!!!.... 



HUG ME!!!....PLEASE.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Unbelievable Multicultural Family Background.

First thing first…..Yes I admit… my physical look may not perfectly describe my various inherited bloodline that flows in my veins. I look just like any typical Malay man,.. however I believe I’m a little bit darker than the rest of them…hahaha. However my family heredity came from various countries and races. It is pretty bizarre, but that’s what makes me proud being a family member of a fine collection of difference set of cultures and religion assimilated to one happy family.
Let starts from my father side. My father’s bloodlines were originated from Dutch (Great grandfather and great grandmother of my grandfather) and Ceylon (my grandmother). Later my grandfather migrated to Tanah Melayu and became a head master for a school in Mersing, Johor for more than 40 years. My grandmother (originated from Ceylon) gave birth to 10 sons and daughters and passed away at the age of 45. My grandfather who is now fully retired is still living a peaceful life in Mersing and is at the age of 101 years old.
From my mother side, both of my great grandfather and great grandmother came from Java. They moved to Tanah Melayu and my grandfather and grandmother was the first generation who became Malaysian citizen. Altogether they have 10 sons and daughters with my mum being the eldest.
And of course, my father met my mum and got married on 23 November 1974. They were blessed with 3 children with I’m being the last. What it feels like living in such diverse family environment you ask me???...PRICELESS. When I was a kid I have the opportunity to celebrate not only Hari Raya on my mum’s side but also Christmas on my father’s side. I learn difference way to adapt and tolerate on both cultures. Having uncles, aunties and cousins outside of Malaysia that I can only meet once a year is kind of special. Being able to meet them in such rare occasions made the meeting more sentimental and precious.
And guess what, now that I am married; my future children will have a much diverse bloodline. Why???..hahaha, because I’m married to girl who has Malay, Indian and Iban bloddline!!!!...They will definitely be a true 1 Malaysia children….

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Routes Toward Happiness

Hmm…finally the moment had come. I am officially a married guy..hahaha…unbelievable yet it is the fact. At the age of 25 years, 11 months, and 19 days…. I am officially the husband of Sabrina Binti Mohd Kabarshah. Finally I am married to a girl that I knew one day, insya-Allah will be my soul mate since I was 16 years old. Alhamdullillah Allah s.w.t granted my doa’.
However, the routes toward happiness were not easy. The distance, the lack of matureness, jealousy and the need to juggle time between our studies and love affair were some of the obstacles we faced though out the years. It was pretty tough as we are young and bound to make “emotionally driven” decisions. And there were times that “separation” seems to be the best solution. Alas…we stay strong as we know that the hurdles will only make us wiser and more resilient. They help us to understand and appreciate each other better. As we hold hand together to overcome difficulty life got to offer, through the hardship we discovered the genuineness of love we have for each other.
Now the storms had passes, giving way to the blue crystal clear sky and the sun emits its warm ray endlessly throughout our life. Happiness is finally ours to claim and together we defeated the many obstacles came previously. Yet I understand the victory shall not last long without continuous efforts made by us. There will be new challenges await us as life is meaningless without being tested. This is what made us human..and this is why I love her. I hope we will stay strong together as I believe-insya-Allah, together we shall prevail in preserving our love till deaths do us apart.
p/s: without her, I am a lesser man..

From a Student to a Worker

Yup, time sure fly fast...almost too fast for me to make proper planning in life… Throughout the years I’ve made many reckless, emotional, stupid, retarded and many negative choices in life. Out of that, I’ve learned, matured and become a better man. As a 26 years old adult male, for sure there’s lot more for me to grasp, learn and experience. I foreseen many more hurdles and difficulties and not to forget; happiness and grace that life got to offer.
One thing for sure, I spent 21 years learning, started from kindergarten (2 years), primary and secondary schools (13), degree (3 years) and for my master (3 years).  I’m pretty amaze with myself on how much time I spend on the learning process. Then I realised, that what I had learned were just only the theories. In order to perfecting the knowledge, it is time for me to practice them in real world- in short, play time is over. It is time for me to earn my own income, start my own legacy, and build a better environment for the people who I love.
Reality really hit me hard back then. Adult world is not easy- never meant for the faint hearted. Sometime it is a very lonely journey; trying to keep on surviving without the guidance of your parents, teachers, lectures and friends who are usually there before to assist you. Here you are fully responsible for your own action. No one will take the slack for you. You need to work smart and hard. Make friends from various ranks, as their help are essential because not all things can be resolved on your own. Trust me, no matter how good you are, you will still need the help from other at one point of time.
On second thought, it is not that bad after all. If you have enough perseverance and positive attitude you will make it through and survive. You will learn many things that just can’t be learned by reading books. They are things that you need to learn via experience. Experience that just can’t be bought; or learned from someone else.
For me, I’m looking forward on experiencing new exiting experience life got to offer…..