Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The reason why I am disgusted with “Aku Masih Dara” film.

Yeah right!!!...according to the director and the actors involved, the films was made based from their noble awareness and responsibility on the social problem faced by Malaysian teenagers. Or is it???...I am sorry, but I BEG TO DIFFER to En Ahmad Idham and the rest of the crew. For me it is such a disgrace to watch Malay girls wear such “prostitute like” attires even for the sake of acting. (To the extent that you actually see the curve of their “boobs” – there you go folks, a truly moral-oriented film specially created for the teen!!!). And such ironic that people involve in this film have the gut to place Islamic content throughout the film. As a Muslim, I am really angry and offended. The filthy words used in the film plus with the shameful attires, I just cannot understand how the hell they can have the gut to relate it with Islamic ethics.

Even the poster for the film will show you on what they are “actually trying to sell”. Make a film if you want to, but be WARNED!!!..  Never try to use Islam as a wicked way to cover the “carcass” that you are trying to sell.  Honestly I will feel VERY awkward, disturbed and ashamed watching this film especially if I watch it at home with my FATHER & MOTHER and with my young nephews.

OK, this post may sound pretty harsh, but as a Muslim….This is my stand, and I am very firm on it.

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